Hmmmm…that’s an unusual statement for me isn’t it?! I think lately I’ve had a change of heart. And I suppose I should say I heart GOOD Mormon boys. There is a difference. I was sitting in church today and my love for them as a whole just overwhelmed me. From the way they dress for church, to teaching Sunday School with such conviction and knowledge. To literally tearing up at a “visitor’s” request to be baptised. I literally barely made it through Sunday School composed today. I was in the midst of this incredible group of real MEN and I was blown away. Here’s why:
* I love the Priesthood and the Priesthood blesses my life–who holds the Priesthood? Mormon boys
*Morality. No real delicate way to put this. These men are rare. (I’m not belittling any other denomination that teaches abstinence until marriage–don’t get me wrong…it’s rare across the board). There’s something so incredible about the fact that my husband is out there somewhere. I have no idea where he is. And he is waiting for ME. He loves me and he hasn’t even met me. I know because I’m doing the same thing and I know that I love my husband–even though I don’t know who he is. I’m waiting for him. When we meet and marry he has already proven love for me and for the Lord. Wow!
*They go on missions and they work HARD!
*If they return from a mission and are single long enough…it’s fun to look at them come into church dressed INCREDIBLY nice and know that their mom didn’t iron that shirt for them.
*They pray
*They serve
*They sing hymns
*They read/know the scriptures
*They respect women
*They’re not crude or profane…
*They love the Gospel
*They have the spirit with them (there is NOTHING in the world like going on a date with a man who has that! It’s a rare find).
These men are rare. I’d like to pay tribute to them! EVERY SINGLE GOOD ONE!