Wow. Twice in one day…isn’t that like ridiculous, sinful, illegal?! :) Sorry can’t help it. You probably wouldn’t know it but the me in this picture was not in the least bit happy this day. That picture was taken about 3 years ago during one of the most difficult trials I ever faced. The year following this difficult time in my life was a year in which I constantly hurt. I was able to remember to the very date when certain events took place and I would torture myself with those memories. Constantly feeling I never measured up or somehow it was all about me and what I was lacking that brought this on. As I read through my journal entries of days long passed last night, I realized how much my Father in Heaven loves me. Prior to such a trial I think I never did feel I was quite who I was supposed to be spiritually. I never felt good enough. When I look back on the past three years I can’t be anything but blessed. I do not feel angry, bitter, sad, none of those. I feel blessed, happy, and so thankful. As a result of the life I currently live I have been able to serve in numerous church callings that have taken me where I am today. I see where my talents are–and now I know that although they need improvement, I am not lacking. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church. I know that now. I don’t feel that or believe it, I know it. I know who I am and what I believe more than I ever thought I could. When people say the Lord really does know what’s best, it may sound cliche but it is SO incredibly true. Today I am happy…happier than I’ve ever been. I remember what it meant to hurt so much and sometimes when I hear a song now or see something that takes me back I don’t hurt and I recognize that I don’t hurt. It’s the most bizarre thing. It’s not just about this one thing that happened a few years ago. It’s what it all represented and it’s who I was then verses who I am now. I am constantly aware of my Heavenly Father’s hand in my life and the opportunity to move forward that my Savior has given me. I see where I fit into His plan and that’s an incredible gift. I apologize for the mushy religious stuff, but I have a testimony. I had the opportunity to share it today and now I don’t want to stop sharing it! :) What a blessed life I lead!