Let’s rewind to a few weeks ago at the Sunday dinner table…Misty’s joining us for dinner and we’re visiting. My mom mentions that she had attempted to purchase a book about body image issues for me. She shares this with Misty–she also shares my reaction, “No. I like my body image issue.” Misty and I both laughed remarking at how incredibly proud we are of everything about us. EVERYTHING! It’s the coolest thing and the most bizarre thing, especially since I can turn on myself in a split second. Last night while playing games on a couch, in something of a “blind date” situation with a young man, I found this so true again. I am more competitive than anything. But as we were playing Scategories he commented on my left-handedness and I proceeded to start whispering about how proud I am of being left-handed. In short, our conversation cost us precious points and for what?! To talk about my being left-handed? How absurd. But it’s true. I’m just so proud. Funnily enough, most of the things I’m proud of come from my father (who, most of the time, drives me absolutely crazy). For your reading pleasure…a few things maybe some wouldn’t think of that I am OH SO PROUD OF:
*my height
*being a brunette
*the fact that I’m proud of being a brunette:)
*being left-handed
*my tan:)
*my sense of humor
*my first name
*my last name
*my testimony
*my sense of humor
*lack of domestic talents

*my relationship with my brother!

*****Trivia******Which traits come from dad and which come from mom?! Try to figure it out?!