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That’s right. Unfortunately, I must bid farewell to this wonderful “golden” year of my life. Such a sad reality. I must now embrace the new year, new age, new chapter of my life. Over the past few years—for a number of reasons–each birthday has become a personal victory for me. To those that are the cause/reason for celebration–thank you! :) I thought you may like some insight to this wonderful year…so I’m posting the 23 highlights of a very bright year in my life!

Before I begin the picture above is me with Jonnie (and Rob off to the side) playing a Friday night game of poker. This was my life last fall and my saving grace through student teaching (Jonnie was student teaching simultaneously so it was nice) I kicked of my year with a poker game so I found the picture fitting!! ::
23 Highlights
(in no particular order)
  • Celebrating the B-Day in Jackpot with Jonnie, Jessica, and Josh…Cactus Pete’s :)
  • Placing 9th and cashing out in a poker tournament that weekend, winning over $100 on a $1 game of Keno, and winning big in blackjack…and thus buying myself a digital camera for my birthday! :)
  • Kicking off the b-day with the St. Luke’s Women’s fitness celebration 5k Run/Walk
  • The Race for the cure and our “Breast Homies” t-shirts
  • Graduating from BSU
  • 1st real job interview
  • 1st teaching job
  • Moving into my VERY OWN 5th grade classroom!!
  • Making some real Mormon girlfriends…real ones to hang out with and call with issues…:)
  • Shaking hands with Randy Travis after watching him perform live outside in the summer evening.
  • Seeing the Spill Canvas…again!
  • Visiting Sarah and seeing Jonathan for the first time.
  • Going to the rodeo…for all sorts of reasons. Next year WILL be SOOOOO much better!
  • Sending my brother on a mission. Watching and letting him go was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but being a part of all of it has been amazing!
  • Laughing with Misty and Ken in their new house…(laughing with Misty period throughout our many excursions this year. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 to name one episode)
  • Army Wives
  • Student teaching for Deb and becoming friends with Deb, Joe, and Cindy! Another saving grace!
  • Working for the Idaho Food bank and reclaiming some of my heart in that work!
  • Getting a killer tan:)
  • Becoming a ward missionary
  • I have to account for movie nights with Bryan
  • Game nights
  • Having Misty (and now Ken) over for Sunday dinners! :)
  • Elder Holloman

Yes! One pretty amazing, GOLDEN year! Bring on the next!