Yesterday I watched the most hilarious episode of Frasier I have EVER seen! Seriously. I think I was also really overwhelmed so I really needed to laugh while I finished my 14th hour of school work for the day :) As I watched this episode I saw quite a bit of myself in Frasier and when I made my mom watch it later she agreed. As a previous blog notes, I’m awfully proud of who I am and I’m rather amused by this whole thing. Basically Frasier turns into a parking garage and changes his mind and turns around to exit. The attendant charges him $2 and he refuses to pay. He rolls his window up and sits there. He proceeds to intermittently lecture about principles and the “power of one”–seriously it’s a must see! I have included the address at which you can find this hilarious episode. I truly appreciate Frasier’s passion and I would also like to include a Frasier quote from a different episode that I really love as well…

“Yes, of course sometimes I am forceful with my opinions. But that is only because I am passionate…and right…and passionate about being right.”
WATCH ME!!!!!!!