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Oh yes, Tomas. I was getting dinner at Albertsons one evening late after work and I heard this really loud and obnoxious cry. I went and picked up the tiniest little kitty who was all by himself in the parking lot. He was SO little. I called mom and told her that I absolutely had to bring him home…and even dad let me:) So I brought him home for the night while we tried to find a permanent home for him. I had him two nights before the lady I work with, Deb( I was her student teacher), agreed to take him in. I named him Tomas (with the Spanish pronunciation)but sadly, he’s been renamed. He is now in a good home and well cared for. I must say–I fell in love with him, though.
This isn’t much of a short story. Just some really cool pictures of MY class reading to the first grade class that we pair with. We read to them on Thursday afternoons and it’s pretty much awesome and we’re the only fifth grade class doing it! My kids are great!

Okay. So we’re starting a new unit on Astronomy. I spent last Saturday morning shopping for some fun stuff to get my class excited to learn about it and to get them asking questions about it. I found this projection kit that puts the constellations up on the ceiling with a light. I didn’t think it would be all that complex.

Well, Wednesday I woke up sick. It was the sickest I’ve been in a REALLY LONG time. I knew I couldn’t call a sub for the whole day…I didn’t have enough prepared. So…I went into work and got a sub for after lunch. I was sick all day. I came home and slept in my bed (which has a down comforter on top of another comforter) along with two additional blankets and two sweatshirts. I couldn’t eat anything…in fact I haven’t been able to eat anything but soup for the rest of the week. (This is all side information) Basically I was sick and exhausted but busy. I stayed at work until 8:30 the other night to finish getting some stuff together and I had plans after that.I asked mom to help me with this projection kit. She did it! She did it while I graded papers on the couch until MIDNIGHT! Mom worked on that thing forever!! It was so great of her. I had to laugh though because there is literally blood on the back of the cardboard dome from mom pricking herself in the finger while she tried to poke holes! Thanks mom, I love you!:)

Mom was hilarious as she’s mocking herself at the difficulty of this task. She starts reading the directions to me…

These are supposed to be for kids? “Have an adult help you…”
I laughed really hard!