Just letting you all know about my new blog plan for the next 4 blogs :) Do you like how I MUST introduce it?! So the other morning I was making hot chocolate and I gave the leftovers to Zach in a Mo’s mug. I proceeded to fill Zach in on Mo’s and then Sarah and Nathan. I got to talking about Sarah and I almost didn’t want to stop. After Zach left I started texting Sarah–I realized just how much I miss her…as I went through all of our memories in my mind. She made me laugh in her text back…”It’s the principle!!” :) I love my friends and I have made so many great memories to this point in my life. SO…my next blog will consist of memories with my best friends. I will have a special blog for Sarah, Jonnie, Misty, and Zach…so be on the lookout! It’ll be good times…at least if I’m blogging about you!