I met Sarah working at the Y. I wouldn’t say we hit it off instantly but our bond grew over time…I would say I have her to thank for that. She would occasionally leave a card in my cupboard when I was having a bad day and stuff like that. She invited me to watch a movie with her and her roommates one night. I think eventually we started bonding over little things like kids, coworkers, bosses, and “Friends”. After that our friendship took off. We were quite the little team. In the summers we frequently planned for Sarah to be my bus driver and our trips were different but planned together. Our groups mingled A LOT! We tackled lazy coworkers and horrid bosses together. We always had the other’s back and the times in between we had A LOT of fun…here are just a few great memories that only she will probably really get :)
*Telling the kids the bus ran out of gas…when it hadn’t
*Telling the kids Remington was lost and walking around downtown Boise…when he wasn’t
*Telling the kids Sarah’s hair was transplanted horse hair…again untrue
*Telling the kids Sarah weighed 300+lbs…I’ll let you decide whether or not that’s the truth :)
*Watching the “Friends” season finale and having an allergic reaction to Sarah’s chicken sandwich :)
*The night I randomly found out about Nathan…a month after they’d started talking
*Eating cottage cheese on Sarah’s couch while she was talking to Nathan
*Black Canyon Dam

*Tanning Contests

*Making faces on paper plates to distract Sarah while she was talking to Kristy (we were awful)
*Fat Cow!
*Nathan wandering around Sizzler
*Random…even desperate stops at Quik Wok
*Calling Quik Wok from Camel’s Back Park
*The Dilbert comic that got us into A LOT of trouble:)
*Sarah packing up my things for me at the Y (and labeling my box…Congrats on the new job!:)
*All of our kids…
*Skip Bo games all the time
*Moulin Rouge on her computer
*Sarah, Nathan, and I just hanging out at their place after they were married
*Oh my goodness…this is more of a Nathan memory but addressing wedding invitations! Hahahahaha
*Sarah’s bridal shower
*Sarah’s wedding
*My visit to see Jonathan…7 days with Sarah, Nathan, and the baby! :)
*Trip to the mall…