Who would’ve thought?! I am absolutely blogging about “Mormon” pride. I guess it takes a boyfriend (look for a future blog introducing this amazing new addition:) from Georgia to open your eyes to some things. I am happy to say that I think he’s evening me out…JUST A LITTLE! :) On Saturday Zach and I helped Job’s Daughters by volunteering to chaperon the Sweetheart’s Ball at Boise State. It’s a dance open to high school students from all around. It takes place in the Jordan ballroom. There was an expected 2000 dancers in attendance. As the “ladies” (far from it) started appearing in their trashy, low cut, tight fitting, SHORT, dresses, I was just baffled. I was more baffled by the girls sitting on the couch with their legs up and the like–just the whole thing was relatively revolting at times. There was completely inappropriate dancing (I think I’m more disturbed by this stuff more, as I am now discovering what it means to share that kind of stuff with another person. It’s certainly not for public display–even though I’ve always felt that…I know feel uncomfortable for completely different reasons). I’m totally getting sidetracked!

Anyway…as Zach and I were making our rounds through the building, we encountered a group of guys and girls wearing dresses with short sleeves. Immediately we turned to each other and we were like, “There’s some Mormons…” we proceeded to keep a tally as we walked around and saw these groups of LADIES and GENTLEMEN! At one point, for the first time in my life, I turned to Zach and go, “You know, they make me happy.” His response? “I know. They make me proud.” I explained that I was never of that proud mindset because coming from Idaho is like coming from Utah–there’s a TOTAL STIGMA on the Mormons…and most of the time it’s somewhat deserved. Zach grew up in a branch, he was never surrounded by them, he wasn’t immersed in it in high school. So he has a very different insight. “It takes more strength to stand out that way then it does to stand out the other way..”

I agree.

My pride grew throughout the night as we saw these ladies–so tastefully dressed. Looking divine, literally. Dancing with young men that were not handling them inappropriately. They were dancing and associating in a very admirable fashion. It stands out. I wanted to hug some of them, they really are a light! I am very proud to be associated (even if it’s simply by the church I belong to) with those young men and women! (I was once one of them:)

*I still don’t like that they were in their own little group…nor do I think they are the only youth who have self respect. I recognize that there were many others dancing appropriately and handling themselves with dignity and grace…I just take pride in the short sleeves! :)