>Last night, as I watched a movie with my mom and she quoted the Anne Frank, with the same quote I had in this post. I used to feel strongly that I showed that I believed that to people. That I thought the best of people at all times and it was evident. Somehow, my mom bringing up that quote left me feeling a little empty. I told myself I needed to be better. I needed to show more people that I care and that I love. I’ve been bad about it lately. I was a little better at school today. I slipped this afternoon, though. I got on facebook today and one of my friends posted this video that you MUST SEE if you have not!! After you’ve seen it, keep reading…

See…it’s not the reaction of the judges. It’s the young girl in the audience with that UGLY look on her face. Being mean about somebody else. How humiliating to be her? I don’t want to be that girl. I want to be Sharlee…and have people associate that with kindness and faith in humanity. So I’m making a vow right here on my blog to be better, try harder, and reclaim that sense of love for everyone that I know I’ve been blessed with!!!!