I’ve had the absolute priviledge of interviewing my grandpa every Friday night to get his life story. It has been so special and so enlightening. (My only regret is that I never did this with Grandma…either one of my grandma’s. I would like to sit down and ask these questions to my Grandpa Gordon as well). I don’t think that I would trade this experience for a simple set of questions and Grandpa’s answers on a piece of paper. I’ve laughed at him and I’ve cried. Things he’s told me about life as a little boy have made me ache. It’s one of the most incredible things I’ve ever been a part of. Now to the point of this. I do just have to share this one little excerpt from our last meeting.
Me: If you could take an attribute you have and give it to everyone around you, what would it be?
Gramps: Forgiveness, I guess. I wasn’t too good at that for a while. I’m a lot better at it now…

Being right all the time might be good. It wouldn’t hurt anyone.

And that is one among BILLIONS of reasons he’s mine, I claim him, and I LOVE him SOOO much!