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Today I was lucky! I had the chance to have my grandpa visit my classroom for career day!! For those of you not “in the know,” I’ve been having a hard time at school. Will was supposed to come do a career day presentation and honestly, I was just looking forward to having someone there for ME. Someone who likes me and someone that I like. When Will cancelled I called mom crying. Of course, my mom being the amazing mom she is, called grandpa and he said he’d take the afternoon off and come visit my room. WOW! What a neat experience for me. I can’t even remember all that he said to my group, but I know that somehow I was in tears. The kids were captivated by him and he spoke about doing what you love and trying it out. My students were impressed with the number of careers grandpa has had. He pulled out a picture of gram and said, “This is Sharlee’s grandma” My class all turned hushed and stuff and one of the girls said, “She’s pretty!” It was such a good day for me. Thank you, Grandpa! Thank you for coming to my class and impressing some of the other teacher’s in the building. I loved showing you off and what’s more, I enjoyed showing them where I really come from! You show them what I’m made of and I am SO SO SO proud to come from you and Grandma!!!!

You can see that the kids really liked listening to him! :) I love my class! I do have to share this one thing. I told Zach that I wasn’t sure if my grandpa would quite know how to go about this whole thing. Zach goes, “Well you do know one thing: He’ll be dressed nice!”
I love you Grandpa!!! So much!!!