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We’re back! Zach and I took off RIGHT after school got out…we went to Georgia to visit his family. Zach was raised there and I’ve a). Never met that side and b). Never been there…I was excited on all accounts.
The trip exceeded my expectations! I LOVE his parents and the rest of the family…I knew I would, though, they raised him and I love him so I guess we really couldn’t go wrong! I also fell in love with The South. All in all…I fell head over heels with everyone and everything on my trip. I took hundreds of pictures (literally)…here are only THREE. I’m too lazy to post more. I actually made Zach drive me to Alabama (which wasn’t far at all from his hometown) so that I could get this Georgia picture. I didn’t plan on telling that, but now that we’re home it seems kinda funny to me!
We went to Six Flags. I rode all of the rides even if I did get a little sick. Tons of rides whipping you around+Georgia heat=semi-sick Sharlee. At least until I got some shade and splashed with some cool water on a water ride…This pictures shows me, Zach, Amber (Zach’s brother’s girlfriend), and Bo (Zach’s younger brother). I had a really good time with them and I like them a lot!

Zach’s parents in downtown Charleston. We took a trip to Charleston, SC to see Zach’s little sister, Kassie, and we stayed in Charleston for the weekend. It was a BLAST!