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Over the Fourth of July weekend, the most unbelievable thing happened? The Larson family actually went out of town and had fun for the weekend!!!
It’s true, I know it seems unbelievable but it is true! Thanks to my mom we went to Bear Lake to celebrate the Fourth. We drove up to Tremonton and stayed the night with Grandpa the night before and then we headed to Bear Lake!
It wasn’t an ideal drive, as no ride with BOTH parents of mine ever is, but it was okay. My dad moves his seat too far back to leave me any room, which left me laying against Zach, leaving Zach without any room. Plus, dad didn’t go to the lake, instead he opted to take a nap at the hotel. YUCK!
Mom, Zach, and I went to the lake. Zach played in the water most of the time (of course:) I laid out most of the time and mom did a little bit of both. I did get into the water briefly and I made a sand mermaid and a sand reindeer…:) I’ve included some pictures…something I don’t have a picture of is the greatest thing EVER: We took old fashioned photos on the way home from dinner and Zach got dad to take them, too! It was a classic moment! They turned out great. I love my family and I love Zach–I had a really great weekend…the best ever…SO FAR! ;)

We got some sun!! :) And we’re ready for dinner!
Mom and Dad ready to go out to dinner…

We ate at Butch Cassidy’s Restaurant and Saloon…it was pretty decent. They had fun restroom titles, Zach didn’t really want to take this picture, can you tell?

On the way home we stopped at Soda Springs, some of us (dad and Zach) had never seen it before so we waited and watched it…I got this picture toward the very end..

Us out by the spring…heading home from a great Fourth!
Thanks Mom, Dad, and Zach for a great weekend! I love all of you SO much!