It is time to (just about) bid farewell to our summer. We have some more fun underway before I completely get swept away with school: 1. Taking the boys to Roaring Springs 2. ENGAGEMENT Photos! 3. Spending some time together in any way we can! :) Oddly enough, I’m ready for school to start. As much as I will be busy…and even though I still have SO much to do with the wedding (quickly, but not quickly enough) approaching…I cannot wait for school to start. For a number of reasons. The main reason being I CANNOT wait to marry this guy! The more I plan the more I’m excited. If you are reading this and you pray, please pray that things will fall into place and happen the way they are supposed to. I would really appreciate it. Here are a few pictures of the happenings since I last really blogged…
We spent a day at the lake with our ward and came back FRIED…we followed it up with some Settlers with Austin and Natasha…always a good time! :)
We took an impromptu trip to Lagoon with Misty and Ken and I truly had a blast!

Goodbye summer! You’ve treated me well. I will welcome you again next year…as a married woman!