>Let’s see how many people actually read my blog posts. Aside from sending a few select people invites…I’m just going to see who reads and cares : ) I am starting a blog for my soon-to-be new family (Zach, Me…for starters). That way I can keep this blog to vent/share my little personal philosophies and such. Our blog will journal our beginning of our new life together as well as contain some fun sneak peaks about our wedding. Comment me with your email address if you’d like to be invited. I have set comments to private for now…I’ll give it two weeks and then I’ll delete those and display my comments again! Our new blog will be set to private and can be found at ourhappybeginning.blogspot.com :) Enjoy

P.S. I have a slight obsession with Beyonce..expect some Beyonce at the reception! ;)