>Well, I’ve moved back with my parents…This move includes some mixed emotions, as I was sad to see my little place go. I really almost teared up as my mom and I cleaned it out and I locked the door for the last time. But it comes with some good benefits:

1. I’m closer to Zach so we don’t have to drive all over the place or worry about how late one of us it at the others house.
2. Zach gets along with my parents REALLY well, so hanging out there is really no problem
3. The gym is on my way home from work…hello TWO MONTHS AWAY!
4. We’re hoping the money we save will go towards some appliances in our new HOUSE…still haven’t heard back from the bank…waiting (patiently?)
5. It’s really good for me to be in the environment at my parents’ house right now. I’m stressed, that’s where most of the planning has been taking place. It’s just better on so many levels that way. However, I still am sad. That was my first place of my VERY own. It’s honestly the first place I’ve been truly sad to leave since I started going to college and moving. I loved it….so please give me a minute to share with you, some memories there:
*I moved out about a month after I met Zach so I spent a lot of time with him here, but I am just now remembering the very beginning things.
*When I moved, my grandma purchases all of my laundry stuff for me, because my grandma loved laundry and it was her specialty. She passed away while I was living there. I still have a bottle of Downy and a box of Tide that I haven’t touched since.
*I hosted my VERY OWN game nights in that place. A couple that come with some really good memories :)
*Zach and I watched Wicker Park on the Papason chair together as the first movie we watched i in there
*I had Austin and Natasha over for dinner
*Zach and I made dinner, especially in the summer, oh it was so fun!!
*We had epic fights in that place, (I think we got a lot of them out of our system…:)
*Zach proposed to me in that living room.
*I truly fell in love, grieved, graded papers of my first year students, cleaned, tanned, read incessantly this summer, LIVED, in that house. Although, my stay was a relatively short 10 months, I really experienced a lot in there.
The only thing that gives me solace to saying goodbye to a place that is actually dear to my heart, is that I will be LIVING WITH ZACH in TWO MONTHS! I cannot wait. It is going to be amazing! AH! I am truly TRULY blessed!