It’s a New Year, I’ve just begun a brand new life, enter a new business venture! I am now an Independent Scentsy consultant. I know, I know…I never thought I’d be a seller of anything that sold via parties, but here I am! For starters, I love the way Scentsy makes my house smell, I get super excited when I get Scentsy as a gift and I always enjoy browsing the catalog looking for purchases for myself or for others. Plus, Zach and I have made a goal (well several) for 2010. We’re going to try to get as far out of debt as we possibly can. My ultimate goal is to be able to stay home when we have children and possibly work part-time. I’m hopeful that this business, if I work it right, can help us at least get out of debt a little more quickly. I know now, more than ever, that I would be the ultimate kind of happy if I could stay home and raise our family. I so enjoy doing housework, silly as that may seem, it makes me feel so much more accomplished than anything else. So…please at least support me in one element or another in this new adventure. At least check out the products, ask me questions if you’d like, and if you’d really like to host a party, I would LOVE you even more :) And I will provide the treats! :) Check out my website at http://www.shars-scents.scentsy.us