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Here he is walking through the doors. We were so loud and I was jumping and hopping all around!

He looked TAN, skinny, and very sharp. I especially LOVE this tie he bought in Brazil!

Shane and Mom after he was able to hug and talk to everyone briefly!

I am so grateful for a brother with so much faith. His mission was a challenge at times but he stayed with it. He has a testimony and it grew and it kept him going. His mission blessed our family in countless ways! I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to watch my faith grow as we sent him out. I remember praying fervently the days before he left that he would be taken care of. I also had to put a lot of trust in my Heavenly Father as I was nervous about him being away from us for two years so far away. What if something happen, what if he got sick or hurt, what if? I was just worried, as I am a worrier by nature. He was looked over and he knows that, too. He has had MANY cool and amazing experiences and I am so grateful for his example. Having him home has been a blast. I can laugh again, only the way that I laugh with Shane. I have someone to make fun of my parents with and I have someone (possibly the only one) who can tease me relentlessly and I won’t get my feelings hurt :) I’ve been called, “Fat”, “Fat Ham”, and “Fat Cow” and I am so happy to hear it :) I’ve been put in a headlock and been told to “apologize” to anyone and everyone for random things (such as letting Zach go to the store to buy Shane soda…I’ve been told to apologize for that! I am having fun with my family being back together, plus one! Yes, Shane and Zach like each other a lot and that is a blessing in and of itself. Life is good! I AM HAPPY! Thank you gospel!!