>Here is a survey to let you know…I’m still here. I have things to write about, I’ve just been preoccupied with a new book, church, and my husband. And I’m more than okay with all three!

The couple survey!

What are your middle names?Rose and Zachary

How long have you been together?We’ve been married four months and we’ve been together a year and 2 months, we’ve known each other a year and 5 months :)

Do you have any children together?Not yet! :)

What about pets? Also not yet, and not sure when. Pets are expensive and we’re having too much fun right now as it is!! :)

Where is the furthest you have traveled as a couple? Georgia to visit Zach’s family

Who has the best group of friends?We both have great friends and we both get along pretty well with each others’ friends!

Who has the craziest exes?Him!!!!!!And I’m not even talking about the one everyone probably assumes I’m talking about :)

Who has the worst temper?Funny. He told me he had a TERRIBLE temper when we met and I was SO apprehensive about getting serious with him. Now that we’re together, my temper is the problematic characteristic.

Who does the cooking?I do but he helps sometimes and he is pretty GREAT himself!

Who is more social?We both are pretty social in our own ways.

Who is the neat-freak!ME!!!!

Who is the most affectionate?Both of us!

Who is the most stubborn?Both of us, again! :)

Who hogs the bed?He says I hog covers but he ventures his way to “my side” quite frequently. I don’t mind one bit(which if you knew me ‘pre-Zach’ that’s a pretty big deal :)

Who wakes up earlier?Naturally, me? He leaves for work before I do.

Where was your first date?Technically, I don’t even know.

Who said I Love You first?We still debate that. I think it was me but he first said he was “falling in love with me” and he firmly believes that that counts.

Who has the biggest family?HIS!

Do you give/get flowers often?Nope. He does bring me home Starbucks hot chocolate or Chilis’ Chips and Salsa, though, and I quite like that!

How do you spend the holidays?Together with family

Who is more jealous?Me

Do you have little pet names for each other?No. He calls me Shar and I call him Zach. I don’t do pet names but occassionally when I’m being funny I have a plethora that I pull from!

Which bill is the hardest on you as a couple?We pay our bills fairly easily, but I think we hate credit card bills or any debt bills. Also our car insurance :)

Did you go to the same school?Not even!

Are you from the same hometown?Nope! Although his grandparents and his dad are from my hometown.

Do you live in the same town now?Yes. Same house!’

Who is the smartest? I would say Zach. I think that he’s academically smarter than I am. He knows SO much and has a ridiculous thirst for knowledge that I really don’t have. However, I will tell him that I’m smarter when it comes to knowing oneself and I am smart in the sense that I use my intuition and guide myself fairly well!

Who is the most sensitive? I am! I am far more emotional for one and I read so much into little things and my brain goes so many places with one single remark. I’ve had to start explaining to Zach, “When you say _______, my mind goes _______” so that he understands that I’m really not being irrational. I have rationale for every feeling I have and every reaction I have. I feel quite lucky though, because Zach is just sensitive enough.

Where do you eat out at most as a couple? We go through phases. We did a mom and pop fast food thing for a while. We did Quiznos for a while and then Applebees. Then Chili’s because I liked it. Now I hate Chilis’ new menu so we don’t go. We like trying new places together.

Where do you shop the most as a couple? Together? I think the only place we really shop together is Target unless we’re grocery shopping together?! :)