It’s true folks! If you know me…you probably know the most directionally challenged individual EVER! Something happened this week that reminded me of this once again–don’t worry, I’ll get to that. I just think you might need to hear a few other stories (I’m not ashamed) and maybe you’ll get a laugh! :)
Story One-Grandma’s House
As most of you know, I was raised by my grandma. She has lived in the same house for my entire life. I spent every day of the summer there until about 6th grade…maybe later. I still spent at least one day a week there for the rest of my childhood and such. The day I got my driver’s license, I decided to go see Gram…I got lost on the way to her house. I called my mom and explained this. She said, “Rufie! Seriously, you’ve been there hundreds of times…it’s just down Linder. How did you get lost?”
Story Two-Student Teaching
I was living at home in Meridian whil I was student teaching in Caldwell. I left school one day with a terrible headache. I thought, “I’ll just take Ustick home…we live right on Ustick and I’ll probably make it home faster.” Well, apparently I turned onto Ustick the wrong way and got very lost. I call my dad (he knows this area really well).
Sharlee:Dad, I was on Ustick going the wrong direction I guess and now Ustick has ended and I’m not home.
Dad: Sharlee, Ustick does not end.
Sharlee: Dad, yes it does. I swear! I was on Ustick and now I’m at something something Fish Road.
Dad:Where are you?
Sharlee: I don’t know that’s why I called you!
Dad: Okay, what direction are you heading?
Sharlee: Dad, I don’t know directions. I have no clue at all.
Dad: Sharlee, is the sun behind you or in front of you?
Sharlee: Behind me
Dad: Okay turn around and head left. Keep driving until you hit another road that you can name to me.
I do this and he tells me to turn on a road and tell him when the next sign or road comes up
Sharlee: You are now entering Notus
Dad: NOTUS! Are you sure?
Sharlee: That’s what it says.
Dad: How did you get all the way out there.
Dad proceeds to get me on the freeway and I end up home over 2 hrs after I left school…so much for faster–ironically, I got a job at that school and I ended up taking Ustick into work every day because it is much faster, to this day, I still take Ustick into work! HA!
Story 3-Student Teaching
One morning on the way into school, I thought I would try another way into work. I actually believe it was through Ustick again. It’s just a funny story. It was November, I had been student teaching for almost a year (I would graduate in December) and I had to call my mentor teacher to get directions to the school from where I was. She had to put me on hold and go get someone else to talk me through it. Talk about embarrassing!
This Week’s Story
I visiting teach a lady in our ward who lives in the subdivision right next to ours. I go there monthly. We pass by the subdivision sometimes when we drive down Middleton Road. I had a mutual activity to attend in this subdivision and I wanted to walk. I get on the computer and mapquest directions–Zach made fun of me for this. He was like, “Sharlee, it’s Quail Cove…it’s just behind us.” For those of you not in the know…I don’t know what “behind us” means when someone like my dad or husband says it. I only understand behind me when I’m in a car or there is someone physically behind me. I get lost beyond that. Anyhow…having hurt feelings and hurt pride I just wrote the address number and figured, “It’s less than a mile away and I go there every month, I’ll be fine.” I head out. I end up lost…I have no idea where I’m going. I had to call Zach who knew not to laugh as I was late and pissy–he explained I turned right when I should’ve turned left. I made it 15 minutes late and had to explain, “I got lost–coming from Blackhawk”–We’re neighboring subdivisions, people laughed.
I later explained to Zach that he overestimates my understanding of direction. I do need mapquest practically everything! He said it won’t happen again!
I guess the good thing is that I can call him and that he is not directionally challenged in the least!
p.s. Blog about our honeymoon in Lake Tahoe and our new puppy coming soon!