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We enjoyed our honeymoon a little late! I personally felt it was perfect. We had already sent out all of our thank you notes. I had already changed the name on all of my legal identification “things.” We had already unwrapped and put away all of our gifts. Plus, we were on “hiatus” for the first month of marriage. Meaning-we made absolutely NO plans with anyone for the entire month. It was BLISS-FUL!!! I actually asked Zach if we could please go back on hiatus for a while :) We’d been (and I feel like we still are–honeymooning for 5 months!:)

A family from Zach’s mission gave us a their time share as a wedding gift and we chose Lake Tahoe, Nevada. We were able to enjoy a WEEK LONG honeymoon thanks to them! Zach and I had yet to wake up for 7 straight days together and enjoy breakfast. We only have Sundays off together, so two days is a gift to us…7 was…AMAZING. I was sad to come home, but I thought I would jot down some events. We went over spring break. We left on a Saturday. Got there that night and just drove into town and ate not much else.
On Sunday we tried not to spend any money so we just took a drive around the lake TWICE. The above picture is from the morning drive…the picture below is from a little shopping mall that we found and went back around that night…Zach thought this was funny :)
This is us on the balcony from our room. Mom wanted a picture (she didnt’ want to wait and I was trying to take this and Zach kept kissing me. Turns out, it’s my favorite picture of our entire trip :) We loved our view…even after getting snowed in!
We took a hike down to Emerald Bay. Our favorite part of the lake. There is a castle down there that is open in the summer time but was closed. We still thought it was neat to look at!

Emerald Bay from the dock! Beautiful! It was probably the prettiest day there!

We went bowling one day! Zach beat me twice. We loved Tahoe Bowl, though! The people were really nice and I really wanted to do something local…at least once :)

We rode the Gondola up Heavenly Mountain. It was a spendy trip but we enjoyed it. It was COLD. It snowed, in fact we got snowed in (post on that to follow) one day. So we went up here the next day. It was COLD but really pretty up there.

As fancy as Tahoe is..there is literally a 7 Eleven on just about every corner. We went to this one (just down the road from our room) a few times. Yay for Slurpee’s (coke ones :)
The Nestle Toll House Cafe. We substituted dinner for brownie sundaes. I was so proud, I actually didn’t finish mine but let me tell you, it was worth every single calorie. It was delightful! Mine is the one on the right.
We enjoyed Carnival Cabaret at a local casino. It was the cheap night and we were FULLY entertained. Those men had better bodies than I will ever dream of which was a little depressing but we had fun!

If you go to Tahoe, you need to have breakfast at Heidi’s.

We took the M.S. Dixie cruise out to Emerald Bay. It was really neat. We heard some cool stories about the history of Emerald Bay (and ghosts of old sailors :) But it was foggy and very cold!

We had a great time! Before we left we decided to “leave our mark” right outside our room on the two plus feet of fallen snow! :)

View from our room right before leaving.

I don’t have pictures of our trip to Reno on that Friday but I MUST post about it : ) We drove to Reno to play in a poker tournament at the Atlantis Casino. It was Zach’s first time playing anything in a casino and that was fun to share with him! It was a 30 person tournament–Zach took 6th place and I took 4th. Unfortunately we didn’t make any money as they only paid out the top 3. I was definitely bummed and really caught up in it, I was really upset but I won’t bore you with details…I got over it over a buffet lunch with a killer dessert bar. I finally got the baked potato I had been craving and dessert :) We then played 6 hours of blackjack at the same table. Meeting all kinds of people and dealers! We had so much fun that we stopped back in Reno on our way out of town on Saturday–after Saturday’s playing, we were up just a TINY bit on all of the money we spent! :)

I loved traveling with Zach. We went to Georgia for two weeks last summer, but this time I got to wake up with him every day and make him breakfast. I love being married and I love vacationing. I think that even if it’s only for a weekend–Zach and I will be having lots of “second honeymoons” it’s just too much fun!