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*Being this happy (most of the time this is VERY true. I will admit it’s not always but honestly, that comes LARGELY for me being very hard to handle:) Zach is still handling it better than I would’ve ever thought someone would. Every time I comment on this his response is, “I love you!”

*Coming home to or greeting my HUSBAND every night. And I still can’t quite wrap my head around why I absolutely LIVE for the end of the day. I love my job but I will admit that I just can’t wait from the time I say goodbye to him in the morning to come home!

*Making dinner and sweets and goodies in our home. I love our house absolutely. I love being married in our house! I love baking treats for Zach on Saturdays. I think I have FINALLY mastered his mom’s banana bread (his very favorite thing, EVER) He’d rather have banana bread than cake or cookies. Although, I’ve made his favorite no bake cookies and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, too. According to Zach, “They’re the best cookie ever and I don’t feel as guilty eating them because I’m getting my oats.” As if he’s in any way health aware :) We’ve also discovered a few favorite recipes. Zach loves the sweet/sour chicken I make in the crock pot (recipe from Cathy). I don’t like it as much so I make it when I’m going to be at parent teacher conferences or something and I’ll be fed by the PTO :) I love his mom’s chicken tetrazzini. LOVE IT. Not healthy but delicious. And together we dicovered making pizza on a loaf of sourdough bread=DELICIOUS!

*Attending the temple together every month. I have a firm belief that this is a necessary habit and I love that I can share it with Zach.

*Settlers, SkipBo, games, game nights with friends, shopping, movies (We love Northern Lights Cinema), and doing it all as a married couple!

*It’s the best 6 months of my life! I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for blessing me so abundantly. I have more than I deserve and I am ridiculously happy with it!!!

*Sidenote-Thanks to my good friend Chris for capturing some of these pictures. I haven’t been able to share them yet but he got some really good ones. Here are a few:

I love this picture. I love this moment, I love the girls, AVA, and I love Jonnie’s Jessica (I secretly wanted her to catch the bouquet).
I love this picture of Zach with the boys :) They adore him. I’m not sure if Fenix adores him but I’m happy he’s in it, too!
So happy that Chris got these pictures of the Larson family. Who made me so happy with all of the help and traveling they did. Especially since this is the ONLY picture of my boy cousins that I have from the wedding. At all. I was SO relieved to find this. I was so grateful to all of those boys (but especially Corey, who traveled from Rexburg with his pregnant wife) to come to his cousin’s wedding. It meant a lot to me. This family did so much for the wedding (came, helped set up/decorate, take down/clean up, and deliver the gifts to our house.) Thanks again, Larson Fam! I love you guys!!
Six months and counting! I am looking forward to an eternity of experiences with my handsome husband! He’s the best!!