>I don’t really think of myself as a lazy person. And if you ask my husband he will tell you that I am the least lazy person he knows. He is wrong on two accounts. 1. My mom is the least lazy person anyone knows. 2. I don’t really think that I’m not lazy as much as I get annoyed with myself because I have tasks that I dislike or will complain about either out loud or just in my own mind. I don’t imagine people like farmers, mechanics, landscapers (all professions that I stereotype as NOT LAZY) complain EVER! I just can’t bring myself to believe that they ever do. Therefore, sometimes I have moments of self-loathing where I tell Zach that I’m lazy…and it’s simply because I sometimes don’t do things with a joyful heart…that’s just what it comes down to.

So…here’s a list of ten things (you’re dying to know) that I absolutely hate, can’t stand, avoid whenever possible, and would love to do without entirely!

1. Putting gas in the car. I don’t know why but I can’t stand it. I really do avoid getting gas and sometimes make Zach go fill up the car. If I had money, I would have someone else put gas in it for me…truth!

2. Meetings! Oh how I detest meetings. They overwhelm me. They usually make me feel worthless (especially if they’re at school) and they seem pointless to the procrastinator in me :)

3. Blow drying my hair :)Seriously. Now, I don’t avoid this whenever possible because I have to but I would HONESTLY rather do laundry for an hour than stand and blow my hair dry. It seems like a waste of time to me.

4. Hanging Clothes. I will fold clothes all day long. (Whites are my favorite for that very reason..I just fold fold fold. For some strange and odd reason, I hate putting clothes on hangers. So I save those for last, making the task all that much more daunting. And oh my goodness, if I have to go back into my closet to get my skirt hanger (my special hanger that I “love” that hangs five skirts at once)–well, that just about kills me.

5.Unloading the dishwasher. I will hand wash dishes with less complaint (this complaining is done only in my mind…like I give myself a pep talk :) I love doing dishes. I CANNOT have dishes in the sink but I have to take a deep breath when it comes time to unload the clean ones.

6.Unplanned or unwanted stops. This is probably the worst thing on my list. I hate coming home and then having to go back out to the store, if that wasn’t a trip I was planning to take. If I’m planning on going grocery shopping after dinner, that’s more okay. If I realize I need eggs and I have to go to the store, I will try to figure out what else I can make with whatever I’ve already got out until my much more laid back husband offers to go to the store for me :) (And sometimes brings me a treat back!) If I want to be home (and that’s the case most days…especially if I stay late at school for some reason) then I will not go out of my way to go to the store. I will stop at Walgreens or Maverick and pay 10 times more…or sometimes I’ve stopped in the dreaded WalMart (I hate HATE HATE Walmart) but I just turn off our main road on the way home and I’m there so yes, I will occasionally stop there). If there is one lazy thing about myself it is this one…I absolutely don’t like this about me and am working on reprogramming my brain so its not so put out by this kind of thing..:)

7. I don’t have anymore! I am not QUITE as bad as I thought…:)

What’s on your list?