>Yes, it is and this is a bittersweet feeling for me. I have some great plans for the summer- I’m going to discipline myself and get myself back into shape–(post on that to follow), learn to can, organize our garage and pantry, do some decorating, and READ! I am looking forward to summer but I was sad to say goodbye to this class. This year ended on such a positive note. My team this year was incredible (I work with a wonderful group of women) and my class was great…I had such a positive experience. With budget cuts and bigger classes, I am leery about next year but I think that I will hopefully fall in love with the class I have next year just like I always do. I cried as those kids walked out of my room yesterday and the first thing I thought this morning was, “I have to tell my kids about that…” and then realized that I couldn’t. This class was very united and one of a kind. As I cleaned up my classroom I realized how much of an art teaching really is. It’s not apparent to those on the outside. It’s the way that I know each and every one of my students’ handwriting. It’s how I know that Alex will tell me if he has a question but Angel will not. It’s the way I know Katie is like me–capable of an A but will settle with a C and so I know when to pick my battles with her. I can almost always tell when a lie is being told. I know each student and how s/he learns and who I can or cannot tease. Most all of my students could be teased this year, which made it so much fun! I know Reylene’s laugh. I know Kyle’s drawings. I know them and I love them–so very very much. There is an art to teaching not a science (ahem—research based programs!). And I’m grateful to be some sort artist in this capacity. I love my job. I love my students. I love life!