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Last night I watched The Time Traveler’s Wife. It was a book that I was not able to finish, I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea but I wanted to watch the movie nontheless, partially simply because I love Rachel McAdams (and it actually angers me that my husband finds Scarlett Johansson more attractive than she). Anyway, I ended up bawling like a baby but I loved the movie!

When I met Zach, it was the easiest love story ever. We were both interested immediately. There were truly no games whatsoever. I remember having butterflies and thinking about him all day long. I waited for every text. The thing of it was, Zach was thinking about me all of the time, too. I didn’t doubt his feelings for me, EVER! And I had never been in a situation where I felt like that.

Being with Zach, helped me to believe in the kind of love that I believed in with all of my heart in high school…and that I quickly stopped believing in with my first heartbreak.

At the end of the movie, where she runs to her husband through the field, I couldn’t stop crying. I feel almost silly writing about this, but I was very moved. How grateful I am that I can relate to that. How grateful I am for that kind of love. Thank you Heavenly Father and Zach…I surely don’t deserve it, but between the two of them, I’m still a believer!