This is the ‘love bed”

Where did the love bed get it’s name?
My father-in-law gave it it’s name, before he was officially my father-in-law.
Zach lived in a house directly across the driveway from his parents.
And we often..OFTEN spent our time cuddling and stuff in Zach’s Love Sac in the living room.
Zach’s dad teased us about this sometimes.
One day, Zach bought a blow up mattress.
For many reasons…one being he didn’t sleep in his old bedroom anymore.
And in true bachelor fashion he put the mattress in the middle of the kitchen/office area.
Almost embarrassing if this bed didn’t have such great memories for me.
Zach had a roommate who was either in the living room or in his room or on the computer at any time.
Zach’s family literally lived next door and the door to that house was never locked.
So anyone could walk in at any time and the bed was well within first glance viewing.
So we justified cuddling on it from time to time.
Okay, maybe a lot.
And so we moved from cuddling on the Love Sac to cuddling on the blow up mattress.
One day, Zach’s dad walked in and said something about us moving to a “Love Bed” and it just stuck.
We called it that all the time.
And even though it broke. Darn it, it was SO comfortable.
We bought a new one.
And we call it the love bed.
And we have sleepovers in the living room and watch movies on it.
Just a little something to remember.