Summer Goals
1. To fit into these jeans again. I haven’t worn them in 5 years. I love them. I felt so good at the time in my life that they fit–they are only one size smaller than what I wear now but I’m not feeling all that great lately. SO…I either fit into these jeans by the end of August or they (GULP!) go to the DI where some other more disciplined lady can have these beauties! I feel like if I post this goal then perhaps it will become more likely that I will do it. It also makes me sad that my husband has never known me as confident about my body as I was at that time…and trying to EXPLAIN it doesn’t quite come across the same way…

2. Attend the temple weekly by myself…monthly with my husband
3. Organize the pantry
4. Organize the garage
5. Paint dresser I bought at garage sale
6. Finally hang wedding pictures (after deciding where they go)
7. READ!! A few new books, my scriptures, and conference talks
8. I need to do some work for school…not feeling up to it yet, though
9. Have at least ONE Scentsy party!
10. Enjoy myself, my house, my dog, and my husband…I can’t go wrong there, right?!

I will check back in on July 8 to let ya’llknow how I’m doing