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Last night Zach and I were playing Skip Bo and he starts singing some song off of You Tube (this happens frequently) about toast. We both decided that toast sounded good at 10:30 at night–plus I always have to munch when we watch t.v. and we were about to watch Burn Notice :) Cinnamon toast came up and we thought that sounded really good…and since Zach beat me he said winner would make loser a snack. He gets the toaster out and says, “But I actually don’t know how to make cinnamon toast…do you just toast the bread and sprinkle it with cinnamon?” This made me laugh a little. I showed him how to mix cinnamon and sugar in a bowl and buttered my bread (basically I made the toast what it was so I demanded another snack at another time) and I explained to Zach that my grandma was the one who taught me how to make cinnamon toast. I got all nostalgic and told him some of the other fun treats she taught us how to make. I took a bite of my toast and I almost started crying…I don’t think I realized that I actually haven’t had cinnamon toast (to my recollection) since I was a kid at Grandma’s house. The taste brought me back to the green couches at her house. I see a little me sitting there beside her gram, munching on some yummy toast, and watching the Today Show. I love my Gram so very very much…what a blessing it is for me to have so many of these memories. So much I think I didn’t even realize or maybe I took for granted…something as simple as making cinnamon toast. After all, not everyone knows how, not even my husband! :)