Oh how I love being home during the day right now! The other day Zach and I had a conversation that went something like this:
Me: So, I added some movies and shows to our instant Que today.

Zach: Oh yeah?

Me: Yeah. I thought it would be nice to watch movies while I do laundry or crunches or whatever I’m doing during the day.

Zach: Cool. What did you add?

Me: Well I added some stuff for us and some stuff just for me. I added a new t.v. show called “Lie to Me,” a movie called “The Cure,” some seasons of “Boy Meets World”and some others I can’t remember…Oh yeah and I added “Hannah Montana the Movie.”

Zach (staring at me for some time to assess seriousness): DO NOT rate that movie!

Hahaha :) I laughed at myself and at him. I love that I love tween shows :) Mom once said, “I think I will walk into your house when you are forty and you will be watching a television show where people are talking in the hallway at school.”

p.s. I am absolutely rating it! :)