That’s right folks! Tomorrow night I have a seriously hot date with this handsome guy.
(Apologies for the quality of this photo…it was taken by me..enough said :)

This seriously AMAZING show that we are addicted to

(Love Burn Notice…love it like you wouldn’t believe!)

And some of the BEST pizza EVER from here…


So it is in fact a HOT DATE! I have actually been looking forward to this date since last week..when our final season 3 Burn Notice DVD came in the mail (we started watching the seasons on DVD after we were first married and we don’t have satellite or cable so we just use Netflix…so we’re a season behind, always…no spoilers, okay? :) Zach said we should wait to start watching until it was July so we could get our pizza to go with it! :)

And that’s one of the many reasons I love him!