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This post? Do you also remember this post (with my goal of attending the temple once a week?)

Sidenote: I know I need to update you on my goals for the summer…today is the day but you will get your update tomorrow! :)

So yesterday was the first day that I attempted to go to the temple. I will say that it never fails. You must know that I had been without a car for about a week while it was getting fixed…a painful pricey fix if you must know…and I finally had the truck while Zach took the car to work. I hate driving the truck. It drives funny. Anyway, my friend, Jen, and I decided we would go to the temple at 11 and grab lunch after. I picked Jen up and we headed on our way. As I’m one mile away from the Cole Rd. exit my tire blows out. Luckily we just lost the first layer of tire and we were able to pull off to the side of the road. Another luckily…my dad is off this week painting their house, so I was able to call him and he met me on the freeway. We drove off the freeway slowly (on the side which made me very nervous) and I was able to make it to Les Schwab.

I will tell you that ordinarily this kind of thing would have me worked into a fit. I would be most likely crying, angry, swearing, but I promise you..I did NONE of the above! Jen even mentioned that I was handling the situation really well for me! :) And I really appreciated having her with me because she manages to stay calm in just about ANY situation as it is! She even said, “You know we could do a session while they’re putting the tires on and just walk back?” What a great idea and example.

My dad dropped us off at the temple and we made it for the 12:00 session–only an hour late! And I was able to see it as ONLY an hour late as opposed to being upset about being an hour late. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It just keeps getting better and better and dare I say? I think I’m getting better and better!

The repair was pricey (we’ve paid more money in car repairs in ONE week than we pay on our mortgage to give you an idea) but I learned something about myself yesterday and all in all..it ended up being a pretty great day. I love the temple. I love the blessings and the total sense of peace that I get from the temple. I am so grateful for the gospel in my life. I have learned a lot about myself and about repentance in the last year or so and I am so grateful for the lessons and what I’ve taken from it. I love the temple. I know it’s where I need to be regularly and I know that inevitably something will try to get in the way but I know that the end result…if I still make it…is SO incredibly worth it!