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>Haven’t posted in a LONG LONG while. I know not that long but still. Things are going well. I miss work. There, I said it. I think I will have sadness when I have to go back because I will a). Miss the freedom and b). seriously miss Mal. He and I are buds and we spend a ton of time together these days. As for my summer goals. I will be posting pictures SOON. I didn’t get everything done by July 8 but I will tell you that:

-Our pantry is organized

-One of our cupboards in the kitchen is organized (which just leaves the cupboard under the sink)

-The garage is really ALMOST there…a trip to D.I., move the dresser into our bedroom (after it’s painted) and a few items on Craigslist, and it’s going to be the best it can be for right now. We need more shelves.

-I have sanded the dresser and these cheap shelves I bought. I am planning on painting TODAY

-I didn’t start attending the temple weekly until last week…last week and this week, though. HOORAY! I love it. Another thing I will miss about being home…there’s something great about going to the temple in the middle of the day…or the earlier part of the middle of the day! :)

-Honeymoon pictures have been put away

-I’m closer to finishing a surprise I have for my family

-Weight loss. This is probably the summer I have had THE MOST time ever. I don’t think I will ever have this much time in a summer. I should be fifteen pounds lighter with a body to kill. Theoretically, I could work out all day long if I want to but no. I walk Mal everyday for at least 2 miles. I have a pilates video that I do and LOVE. I sometimes also go to the gym to do a little more cardio. I’m eating relatively better. I haven’t lost weight. Like any. At all. Sad. Sad. Sad. I have only myself to blame. I feel better though, so that’s a plus. I went shopping yesterday. Skirts are easy easy–I put on a skirt and thought, “Wow this is a little snug?” Then I looked at the tag and I had picked it up in a size smaller. It didn’t look horrible just a little snug for my size and how skirts usually feel. However, jeans..in my size…were a little snug. I have a thing. I refuse to go up a size so all of my jeans are snug right now to a point that I don’t like. So here’s the thing. I’m eating better. I am trying. I am absolutely not throwing the jeans in my closet away. I thought it would motivate me but I’m not sharing them with anyone else. I will get there. I just really wanted to train myself this summer to get exercise daily (and I at least have done that with walking Mal…not the greatest but it’s SOMETHING). I also have been training myself to eat better. I still can do much better. MUCH. I really want to be disciplined enough to turn down school lunch (which is horribly unhealthy and oddly appealing to me at times when I’m hungry and packed a healthy lunch. It’s also ridiculously expensive). I also want to pass up treats in the teacher’s lounge. There are always treats and I don’t need them but I think I do…so I think if I can discipline myself for the school year I should be where I want in practically no time.

There you have it. It’s supposed to be hot today. I am meeting Zach at the pool after he gets off of work! :)