Do this:
I didn’t love it. I didn’t HATE it as much as I thought I would.
I “learned” a few things as I was out there pulling weeds like crazy:

1. I love mix 106. Seriously. I have an obsession with Mike and Kate in the morning but now I have an obsession with Matt Steele…some his Birthday Spanks are hilarious!

2. I am afraid of plants…vines in particular. Weed vines that seriously STRANGLE other plants are just TOO MUCH!

3. I love our neighbors across the street from us. I love them so much. We couldn’t have asked for better neighbors. Sometimes I thank Heavenly Father for them in our prayers at night…I love them that much.

4. I don’t like the neighbors across from us the other way. I’m all about having a ward “family” but sometimes I don’t think we should all live so ridiculously close to one another. It’s not good for a person like me.