I had this conversation with my hair dresser (and one of the great loves of my life), Troy, today.

Troy: So, do you still like your husband?
notice he chose like and not love…Troy was keenly aware of my phobia of getting married during my single days. “The same person, every day, EW!!!”

Me: Actually, yes. Very much so. I actually like him more and more every day.

Now, I know it sounds cliche or corny, or whatever you’d like to call it. I’ll call it the honest truth. Zach and I had a great time yesterday. We went to the water park and then to dinner and a movie. I thought to myself how it just gets better and better. (And all the while I’m getting better and better, too! :)

Then, this morning. I kiss Zach goodbye and he leaves for work (not feeling well, mind you). He comes back in and yells…drive safe today. Leaves and then comes back a 2nd time because my sunglasses were in the car. He knew I wouldn’t want to be without them :) How can you not love him more and more every day!

I do!