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Brief Synopsis of last night’s happenings:

Zach comes home and we watch The Box (quite possibly the worst thing that Netflix has ever done to me..or Cameron Diaz for that matter)

Halfway through this terrible movie Zach starts freaking out that his back is itching…possibly from his OH SO MILD sunburn he got at Roaring Springs on Monday…

I try scratching his back…that hurts

I ignore him…doesn’t really help

Movie is so terrible he forgets his back itches..BINGO!

We lay down to go to bed. Things are fine. Zach decided “just in case” he’s going to take a quick shower.
This starts the itching all over again

He’s dancing around all over the bedroom and in the bed…it’s driving him crazy. He doesn’t know what to do…

This goes on for about 15 minutes.

I decide that I love him and he needs sleep so I will go to Walmart for him because that’s what love is. Even though I’m not really sacrificing anything except going to Walmart which is against my principles and I hate it (although…since getting married and such..I have visited Walmart FAR more than I care to admit. Still hate it. Still against my principles…but…anyway)

I throw on my gym pants, my Race for the Cure shirt, and some flip flops…

I announce that I am going to the Caldwell Walmart at almost 2 a.m. in flip flops and gym pants…I must love you because I am white trash right now.

At least I had a bra on!

I go in. I get the Aloe.

The ONLY register open?

Therefore the only cashier??

Mr. Eric Goostrey from high school.

I am looking white trash.

Only to me.