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Dear Summer,
I love you, and you know that. However, this year–our relationship has been a little rough. You’ve been temperamental (weather wise) and I don’t care for that kind of attitude. I have been missing work…desperately and have not really felt that I’ve been able to thoroughly enjoy you. However, I did get some things accomplished and this weekend, I think you made up for it!


Okay…so the weekend. Here are the dirty details. Zach was able to take off Friday and Saturday (and Thursday by default :) so we had 4 amazing days together. Our weekend truly started on Thursday morning with the only sleeping in we did all weekend, I know!? CRAZY.

Later that evening Zach and I went out to dinner and headed to Tim McGraw concert (his Valentine’s Day gift to me).

We took pictures BEFORE leaving because we don’t have air conditioning and it was H.O.T.
I’m so excited!

I did not realize what a good seats we had until we got there…that was a very welcome surprise. We were on the floor in the MIDDLE which proved perfect whenever Tim came down the walkway…

*Note: I have been admiring Tim’s behind for years…YEARS! True story. Saw it up close in leather pants and I have got to honestly say, I prefer my husband’s rear to Tim’s. It’s true…Zach looks pretty amazing from behind in a pair of Levi’s…

We did get to hear our favorite song. (It was my favorite song first, though). And it was beautiful. Total amazing feeling in the room at the end.

No pictures from Friday. Here’s the brief breakdown:
1. Wake up EARLY and head to the temple…we had some friends going through for the first time. We were honored to be present.

2. Lunch with them afterwards

3. My mom picks us up and we head to the Canyon County Fair with Mom, Cara, and the kids. It’s hot and we ride rides with the boys. We both get sick in the heat and in the rides. Grayson is more gutsy than Gunnar, by the way?!? I laughed and laughed at Gunnar on the Yo-Yo. I talked him into it and I could just hear him yelling, “Okay! I want this to stop now!” And screaming. I seriously couldn’t stop laughing!

4. Home and OUT!

Saturday morning we got up to go to the sealing of our friends. They were being sealed to their children as well. My first to ever (aside from my own)…can I just say:

That night we packed up to head out for our first ever married camping trip (actually our first camping trip together ever :)

We took Mal with us (I just realized I think this is the first picture of Mal I’ve ever posted…sad)
I love both of them so this picture makes me HAPPY! :)

Scenery on the way

Owyhee overlook..we ended up there sort of by accident but it was very pretty
This is our camp all set up…do you like? We had a card table, camp chairs, and a TINY tent. So tiny that even us newlyweds couldn’t handle it…we slept in the bed of the truck. My camera died after I took this picture :( I just have to say that I had a blast. I had fun just spending time with Zach. We went to a hot springs and you have to cross the river to get there and the first few times Mal was too scared so Zach had to carry him (hilarious by the way, wanted a picture SO bad). After a while Zach and I coaxed Mal into trying out the river and once he got the basics down, he was good to go. I wouldn’t say he loved it but he loved camping. It was so much fun to watch Mal in the water and to camp out like that. We will be going a few more times before summer is up…it was great.

And so, Summer
Thank you for this weekend. I had a blast and made some wonderful memories. I will no longer regard the summer of 2010 as the worst ever. You redeemed yourself and for that I am grateful.

With Love,