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Due to my new location…I don’t experience road rage very often. Today I did. I won’t go into too much detail. Brief Recap:

Three lanes
I’m in the middle
Someone doing something that should be illegal (but that’s a story for another day) in the right lane
Police car in the left lane…going faster than my lane

I become angry for two reasons:

1. Why aren’t you doing something about this? I know that you see it…we aren’t going that fast.

2. You are a freaking cop and you are driving a Charger. That is a). an unnecessarily
expensive car for you to drive around doing nothing in (I don’t have a great love for cops as you can tell, please don’t take offense)

and b., most importantly, you are not the caliber of person that drives a Charger.

This man is.

That’s right. I had road rage because a cop was driving a Charger and that is Michael Westen’s car!

And if you aren’t aware: Michael Westen can kick any cop’s “A”

(to use a term my brother uses)