Attached to Mal. That’s right.

Here’s a picture of puppy Mal curled up and sleeping on my lap when we first got him…
And here’s Mal now! Sort of…this picture is a little old
I love him like crazy. He’s needy as they come, that is for sure. So I do get annoyed with him from time to time but I love this dog! We are watching a dog for some of our friends right now. He stays out in the yard (I don’t trust him in the house and that would be ONE too many pets in the house for starters). So Mal has been outside for two days. I made Mal come in to sleep last night and Hunter stayed in the garage which worked fine. Zach thought they could just sleep outside together but I was dying. I missed Mal..I missed him snoring on the floor next to my bed. I missed hearing him move from my side to Zach’s side letting out a giant sigh each time : ) So, I made Zach go get him and put Hunter in the garage. This may not be so healthy but I love our dog!

P.S. I’m lonely in the house without him which is making me feel horribly guilty. He’ll be way more lonely when I go back to school next week. It kind of makes me sick actually.