Today happiness found me in these ten little ways:

1. Hot chocolate because I had a rough start to my morning this morning (i.e. I kept hitting the snooze alarm and then rewarded myself with a hot chocolate?)
2. One of my students from last year coming into my room after school today asking me if I had school lunch today–today was my FAVORITE school lunch. So cute…but I had resisted.
3. Talking to a parent of one of my current students. I told her he was on his best behavior and he was doing awesome…her response, “I think it’s cause he thinks you’re cute!” :)
4. Finding my homemade Christmas gift starters (we’re poor this year and especially with flying to Georgia…I’m making my gifts…) on SALE today! I’ve been eying them for months now, really. I got paid today so I went to buy them and they were half the price!
5. Pay day! Last pay day before the big CUT!
6. Buying colored soap for the bathrooms that actually matches the color scheme of the bathrooms. Feels so much better!
7.Zach is taking his VERY LAST class tonight. He is officially done TONIGHT! YAY! He will go back to school in December but I will have my husband for a few months.
8. There is a possibility that: a). We will go on another hiatus for about a month! :) b). We may get ice cream after he gets home tonight. Because that’s how you celebrate finishing school, right? Well, that’s what I told him. He’s new to the finishing school thing, so I will teach him the proper celebrations!
9. Coming home to approx. 18 ears of corn dropped on my doorstep…courtesy of Zach’s Grandpa.
I’m excited about the corn but more than anything it made me laugh.
10. Life is good!