Okay, so I read (err..blog stalk) Kendra at Living Our Love Song. She was recently tagged and in turn tagged ALL of the readers. She asks 8 questions, I answer, I post 8 new questions, and I tag more readers! FUN FOR EVERYONE! I mostly just want to tag other people so I’m doing it! Here are the questions:

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

I honestly have no idea. I haven’t been all that crazy in my life, sadly. I think probably the summer after high school. Misty, Lindsey, and I went on a streaking streak! :) That’s a great way to put it. We went through the car wash in our undies, we did Chinese fire drills virtually clothing-less (or completely clothing-less, however you prefer to look at it:). The best experience was running our high school softball field topless and getting pulled over by a cop SECONDS later. He had no real reason to pull us over but never mentioned the incident! I just remember yelling at everyone to get dressed before I actually pulled the car over! Oh, what a great memory!

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

Zach and I just discussed this the other night after watching It Could Happen to You. We both agree that we would: pay off our home, buy a home in Georgia, pay off all other debts, buy us each a new car, shopping sprees for each of us, give our families some money, take a wonderful vacation, I could stay home to take care of our (future) kids, and we would put the REST in the bank! :)

Who would you say is your best friend (besides your spouse)?

Zach, actually is my very best friend. First and foremost, I just have to say that. I know this may even hurt my mom’s feelings a little but I was just telling him (and then I did tell my mom) but Zach has never really truly hurt my feelings. For as hard as I am to handle, and as much time as we spend together, he has never made me feel like he is annoyed with me, tired of me, etc…he never hurts my feelings..EVER..and for someone who literally gets her feelings hurt daily, that’s saying a lot. Beyond Zach, though, my best friends are my grandma, my mom, Misty, and Jonnie.

What does a perfect day look like for you?
I wake up whenever I want with Zach. (We both have the day together). I either don’t care how my clothes fit or they don’t have any sort of problem fitting(probably both)–i.e. no apprehension about putting on jeans. We are in another place on vacation. My absolutely perfect day would probably be like the day we spent in Charleston. Shopping at the market, sight seeing, the beach, eating, snacking on ice cream, buying things from street vendors, watching street performers at night. Except this time we would have a hotel room of our very own when we got back, no offense to Mom and Dad Puckett…I’m sure you understand :) That would probably be a perfect day. If I could extend a day forever I would like to maybe attend the temple and have my mom go to the market with me, too!

What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about LOT of things, to name a few: my marriage, my mom, education, hot chocolate, books, Mal, food, chocolate, dates, pictures, memories, people that make me happy, people that make me angry, the gospel, my testimony, my students (past and present), laughing. I am seriously passionate about doing domestic things: shopping, menu planning, cooking, cleaning, decorating (to some extent), making my house a home.

Did you have any resolutions for 2010? If yes-what were they and did you accomplish any of them?
Yes, I had many. Lose ten/fifteen pounds. Try 2 new recipes a month. Keep house clean. Get over insecurities. Read scriptures daily. Pray daily. Those are just a few, I can’t remember them all. I did try at least two new recipes a month. I did keep my house clean. I read my scriptures daily off and on throughout the year. I did pray daily off and on throughout the year. I did not lose ten to fifteen pounds. I did not get over my insecurities…still working on those, though.

What do you see yourself doing in ten years?

Ideally, I would see myself staying home and taking care of our (future) kids. I see myself as a mom who is happy. I would like to continue working, in some form, with kids and helping educate them. Or I may still be teaching. Hopefully in a different school, mostly because I don’t want to stay in the same place forever.I see myself making breakfast for my family in the morning. I mostly just see myself happy. Loving the little things, just like I do now.

If you could have a feast of your favorite foods, what would be on the menu?
Basically a Perfect Buffet?
Chinese food, Coke, chicken and rice (in various forms), cake and ice cream, a baked potato, and a good salad…that would be my incredible feast! :)

To keep in line with the theme, I am tagging 8 people: Misty, Allison, Aleisha, Katie, Brad, Cody, Jen, Jessica, and anyone else who wants to play! Here are YOUR 8 questions you guys:

1. Is there any one principle that you think all people should live their lives by? If yes-what?
2. What is the most indulgent thing you do in your week?
3.Which one event in your life has had the most impact?
4.What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you?
5. You have to give a ten minute speech at a high school, what is it about?
6.What drives you every day?
7. What talent(s) do you wish you had?
8.What do you like most about yourself?