Got another great idea from another blog…it’s a letter a day. I think this will be fun and maybe a little challenging. You are supposed to write a letter to someone (specifics below) per day. I think I will make mine a letter a week. (I will just title and label the posts “Letters.” Here are the different people or “things” I will be writing to:

1. A stranger
2. Your spouse, or your future spouse – even if you’ve never met them
3. Your child(ren) or future child
4. Your first love or crush
5. One to each of your parents
6. Someone in your life who has caused a lot of pain during your childhood
7. Your sibling(s)
8. Someone you’ve hurt
9. Someone you don’t understand
10. Someone deceased
11. The person you’d want to take care of your children if you & your spouse are no longer alive
12. Your best girlfriend
13. Your dreams
14. Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like
15. Your 13-year-old self
16. The person you miss the most
17. Someone you know who’s going through the worst of times
18. Someone that caused someone you love (not you) a lot of pain when they were a child
19. Someone that changed your life
20. Your reflection in the mirror

Let the fun begin!