This guy is an official degree holder.

He holds an A.S. in Computer Networking

He plans to continue on for his Bachelor’s…

He has been working hard from the time that I met him..so I decided he needed to celebrate

So I planned a surprise. I told him to take a Saturday off of work so we could visit my family in Utah. Just an overnight trip. Saturday morning we woke up, packed, and headed out the door. I told him I wanted to drive and I turned the wrong way. Then, I couldn’t hold it in any longer…I gave him a card. After reading the card he goes, “We’re not going to Utah?”


I surprised him and took him zip lining at Tamarack and then we stayed overnight at the Ashley Inn in Cascade. The trip was a blast. Here are a FEW pics from our zipping tour.

Zach zipping

Me zipping…

We decided it will be an annual thing. We had a lot of fun. The weather was perfect. We made some new friends. I think I was really able to show Zach how proud I am of him and how much it means to me that he is working hard and going to school. Plus, we haven’t done much like this–I’ve become a wuss since meeting him (more to blog on that later).
I was happy to spend a weekend up in the mountains with wonderful weather and my husband!

p.s. Sorry if this disappoints Crystal. I was excited because I had been keeping this a secret and I felt like a kid at Christmas when we went to bed on Friday night. I couldn’t wait to get up and get going so I could surprise him!