Dear Stranger,

Hello. My name is Sharlee. I find it difficult to “define” myself to you, as you are, in fact, a stranger. Instead, I will tell you a little about what I believe and you may define me in your own words from there, but I ask you to please be kind.

With my whole heart I believe that loving someone else can shape his/her/its soul. Yes-I said “its.” I believe that love is the most powerful tool a parent has to help shape his/her child into the best possible person that child can become. I believe this because that is how I was raised. I believe this because I am a teacher and I love my students–truly love them–and it makes a difference.

I believe that chivalry is a lost art. I believe that men should be gentlemen and women should be ladies. I believe that all of us should expect to be treated as such.

I believe we should all have high standards for how we are treated because I know that we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father. This knowledge is my greatest treasure. Without this knowledge, I would not be myself. I am so grateful to know this. That I have another Father who loves and knows me and knows what is best for me.

I believe that it is vital to stand for what is right. I know that living that kind of life brings a peace into your life that will make you happier than anything else possibly could.

I believe that a person needs to find the little things in life to take appreciation in. I live to cuddle with my husband during a nap while listening to my dog snore on the floor next to my bed. I live to laugh at my brother. I live to talk to my mom on the phone. I live to hear my mom laugh at me. I live to play a game of Settlers or to eat Idaho Pizza Company pizza. I live to go to church every Sunday and feel uplifted. I live to tell people that I love them. I live to feel the good of the people around me.

I really hate how much I care about my weight and how I look. Since I don’t know you I can tell you that it literally eats away at me all of the time. It takes joy out of things that should be fun–as I worry about how I look. I don’t know how it got this bad and I would like to fix it. I hate how this affects women at such a higher level than men.

I hate that I get my feelings hurt so easily, but I love that I am sensitive. It’s hard to find a balance in liking yourself at times.

I may have a difficult time defining myself but I do know that I am: a fighter, strong, feminine, happy, at peace, a patriot, and blessed. I do know that I still need to work on: being less critical of others, gossiping, budgeting, taking better care of my body, and forgiving others.

All in all though, I know that good always outweighs bad. I believe that there is good all around if we just look for it. I believe that the best thing we can do for others is look for and promote the good. Look for the good and you will find it. I promise you that.

With Love,