2 Years Ago Today:
I was at home. Where I was living..with my mom and dad.
My brother was on a mission.
I was teaching fifth grade…my first year.
I was loving the single life. I had a group of single girls/guys that I hung out with on a regular basis…game nights once a week at minimum.
I was home grading papers in pajamas no makeup and hair undone.
It was the Sunday of Conference Weekend.
Jen called and invited me to an impromptu game night.
I “got ready” but not by much, I knew these guys…right?
Wrong. Enter Zach.
He came with the new convert I just met last week, Jake.
We “meet” or so I think.
I assess Zach’s attractiveness.
I confirm that he is indeed VERY VERY good looking.
Text best friend to tell her that there is a hot new guy that needs to ask me out.
I also am torn, he does not look “Mormon”
Then I hear this beautiful sentence, “On my mission…”
Begin flirting.
He hates BYU and doesn’t care that I play poker…YESSSSS!
Continue flirting.
Zach gets a phone call from someone asking who was at the game night
Zach begins naming EVERYONE in the room except for me
He stops at me…doesn’t know my name.
I hear him say my name really long and drawn out.
I am devastated. DEVASTATED! I was so sure we were flirting…
***If we rewind we learn that new convert boy from church last Sunday (Jake) had his eyes on me. Zach didn’t catch my name or else he wouldn’t have flirted with me as much as he did. Also the reason that he drew my name out in such a strange way.
***In addition: I was a Ward Missionary at that time and I was on an all-time spiritual high. I was also going to marry one of the missionaries I was working with, Elder Holloman. Don’t judge–he was older AND amazing. Come to find out. Elder Holloman taught Jake at Zach’s house. Jake called Elder Holloman when he saw me at church that first Sunday and told him he had his eyes on me. Elder Holloman apparently replied, “We LOVE Sharlee!” (Do you like how I emphasized love for myself :)) Anyway. So Elder Holloman had called me to see if Jake could watch conference with me and my friends?!? Elder Holloman, the man I was supposed to marry, was trying to hook me up with the new convert. The new convert led me to meeting Zach. Crazy. I know.
2 Years Ago Today…My Life Changed Forever
1 Year Ago Today:
I am living back at home with my parents after living on my very own for a good ten months :)
My brother is still serving a mission.
I am loving couple hood.
I am not loving planning a wedding.
I am teaching 4th grade.
I have a ring on my finger.
I know now what it’s like to kiss a man.
I know that love is as wonderful as I always hoped.
I will be married in one month and one day.
We have keys to our house.
We will spend this weekend cleaning our house and moving my stuff in.
I can’t sleep at night. I can’t wait to marry Zach. I am so worried something will happen to him.
I just need to be sealed to him.
I live in our home.
My brother is home.
I am teaching 4th grade.
I am sealed to my husband.
I am loving married life.
I find that marriage is so much better than I had ever imagined.
I know that you can truly love someone more and more every single day.
I know that it does not suck to wake up with someone in the morning. Which is something I feared for quite some time.
I am waiting for my husband to come through the door.
We have a dog.
We have a home.
We have traditions.
We have memories.
Life is beautiful.
I just need to say that life can change in an instant. For good or for bad. I am so grateful Zach changed mine. The more I look back on our meeting and our beginning…it is truly magical. How I love love. How I love how beautiful life is. How I love my Heavenly Father for blessing me so abundantly.