I just read a blog post that was rather arrogant. I won’t liknk to it. No need.
Basically she praised her own original gift ideas.
Who does that?
She also said that you should never give a practical gift.
Let me tell you something…if you want to be a person who truly gives praiseworthy gifts,
you will give a practical gift in a thoughtful way.
Or you will give the exact PERFECT amount of practical gifts vs. thoughtful gifts.
Not many people can do this.
I for one only know one person.
It is not me.
It is my mom.
So let’s take this chick off her high horse and talk about gifts that my mom gives.
*Crocheted afghans (usually white) to bless your baby in. Practical/Thoughtful, yes?
*A gift card to Sonic to celebrate the start of summer. Summer equals hot..which means ice cold drinks. Plus, PLUS, her daughter LOVES Sonic drinks (Practical/Thoughtful).
*A subscription to Sports Illustrated for her son (he may pay for that himself which makes it a practical gift but the beauty is he doesn’t have to=thoughtful)
*A new razor, body wash, and lotion for me at the end of summer. Something about my tan legs and such…LOVE MY MOM (razors and body washes are VERY practical yet somehow this gift was so cute of her)
*New Boots for my birthday (I love boots. I have to have a pair. I was going to spend my birthday money on them. Practical. However, I now can buy what I wbuy you shoes just because.
My mom gives THE BEST gifts. THE BEST. There is no competition.
What’s more?
My mom does not know this about herself. She most certaily wouldn’t brag on the gifts she’s given…and absolutely ant with my birthday money and not what I need=wasn’t that THOUGHTFUL of my mom?)
*Clean bed sheets and clean pjs to sleep in when you get your heart broken. Thoughtful.
*A Cocoa-Motion for Christmas. Definitely both practical and thoughtful. I don’t have to spend the time in the morning making hot cocoa…I have a machine that does it–and better than I can–for me.It was espcecially nice because I hadn’t heard of one before and I found it to be the most amazing gift ever.
*My mom will clean your house before you bring your baby home from the hospital.
*She will buy you shoes when your dog chewed yours up.
*She wouldn’t create a blog post entitled to it. Doesn’t that take away from the thoughtful element of the gift? When you brag about it later?
It does in my mind.