Some people (My brother for starters) call me hardcore.
I’m too much to take.
Too Mormon.
Which does offend me. Until I realized I’m NOT hardcore into Mormon culture. I am hardcore in doing what is right.
People can call it what they want. I know that I am divinely inspired…combine that with my extremely passionate personality and you get, I guess, someone who is “hardcore.”
Here’s the deal: I don’t do the “I would if I could mentality.” It truly makes me sick.
This whole, “I would drink if my church didn’t teach me the Word of Wisdom.”
“If my church would let me.” “If my wife would let me” ‘If my mom would let me”
Nobody is making you do anything.
I for one, have a firm understanding of most of the commandments we’ve been given.
I believe them with all of my heart.
I have no desire to live outside the commandments. I just don’t.
I know better.
My life is blessed because I do.
What do these people think? That their lives are just randomly blessed?
I think not. We are blessed when we do what we are supposed to do.
I love my life. There is truly NOTHING that I feel that I am “kept” from doing.
I believe in the standards that I live.
I know they are the right way.
I have no desire to live any other way.
So people can think what they want of me.
I am comfortable that I am standing in the right place…and I am promised that if I do.
I won’t be moved.
p.s. This is not a blog for my brother. He loves me A LOT and I know that. I just used him as an example so as to make my point to others who don’t love me even a little.
p.p.s. Allison, did this post make you smile, too!? :)