What do you do on Sundays?
I love Sundays. They are my very favorite day of the week.
Our Sundays look a little like this:
We wake up.
Always a little late.
We get ready for church.
Church at 9 a.m.
Do you know that I love going to church?
After church we come home and have something small to eat.
Although sometimes I have meetings after church
We talk about church.
Zach talks about his primary class.
I talk about Young Women.
I share any new information I get at church with him.
He pretends to care. Which I love him for VERY much.
We take a Sunday nap with Mal on the floor next to our bed.
It is PURE bliss.
We go to my parents house.
It’s Zach, Me, Dad, Mom, Shane, Grandpa, and sometimes Kylie
My mom feeds us.
Zach makes fun of my dad.
My brother and I make fun of both of our parents.
I laugh a lot.
We have a family spiritual message.
We pray together.
Sometimes we play games.
Zach and I come home and go for a walk.
We watch a movie or play Settlers.
Could you ask for a day better than that?
It is truly a day of rest.
It is a day that is different than any other day of the week.
I love Sundays.
We get started early.
We are truly spiritually fed and uplifted.
We spend time with family.
We spend time with each other.
Sundays are the best.
What do you do on Sundays?