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This guy is 29 today:
So…in complete Sharlee fashion, here are 29 things to love about Zach:
1.He can do the voices of a plethora of Disney characters and isn’t the least bit shy about it
2.He will give me a back/shoulder rub ANYTIME I ask. Seriously. And he is GOOD. He’s the only way I can get rid of headaches.
3.He is insanely intelligent
4.He is humble
5. He loves teaching primary
6.He volunteers in my classroom on his day off
7. He makes the BEST grilled cheese you’ve ever had–I promise
8.He is so good to our grandparents (his and mine)
9. He’s laid back
10. He’s more patient than any one person should be with me
11. He understands sports…he can hold a conversation about them like any respectable man…but I don’t “lose” him to football season or anything of the like
12. I can wake him up at anytime of the night/morning and ask him to cuddle me and he will…in a cute way, too (might I add)
13. He never leaves my side of the bed…he always sleeps close by me
14. He laughs easily
15. He’s a blast to watch a funny movie with
16. He cares (or at least pretends to) about Army Wives
17. He has the correct opinions on public education (as they are in alignment with mine)
18. He has a sense of direction that is out of this world–he’s like a walking compass
19. He is good with our money…better than I am at least
20. He’s INCREDIBLY handsome
21. It takes him at least an hour to do anything…he is a perfectionist (sometimes this is not so easy to love….like literally he takes forever to make TOAST for crying out loud)
22. He gets excited about very little things
(I think he will like my little birthday gifts: The Yoohoo and Dark Choc. Reeses Cups I packed in his lunch and the warm banana bread I send him off to work with. More than the big gifts: a plethora of random items).
23. He has a deep voice and it is rather sexy when he sings…(my personal favorites are when he sings Josh Turner “Long Black Train” or Disturbed “Down with the Sickness”)
24. He loves to read
25. He loves history
26. He retains information–sucks it up like a sponge
27. He doesn’t worry about things
28.He helps with the housework…without needing to be asked
29. As so many people have put it to me, “Everyone loves Zach!”
There really isn’t anyone I know who doesn’t love him. He is so easy to get along with and he has a grand assortment of likeable qualities.
Happy Birthday!
I love you!
I am proud to call myself your wife.
I hope year 29 beats quite a few of the others! :)