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My mom wrote Zach a birthday list, too.
I thought I would share because she honestly did a better job than I did.
I think.
1. He loves Shar’s Family and treats us like his own.

2. He, as Shar, stated is very good to my dad. He is like he has been his grandson his whole life.

3. He IS very intelligent. Quite impressive the things he knows about computers, history, science, religion and Sharlee :)

4. He will do anything for you. anytime if you need him. anytime means 11.30 to fix my dad’s tv. an evening after work to mow my lawn. work forever to fix Shane’s laptop

5. He laughs at Shane even when Sharlee thinks he is gross.

6. He gets excited about stupid things you do for him.. makes you want to do more things for him.

7. He is very good at the things he does. He built an excellent fence for their back yard.

8. He brings Sharlee hot chocolate when he visits her at school.

9. He plays like a child with Cara’s Kids. Goes to Roaring Springs with them Kids love him

10. He is not easily upset by messes in life. ie. Car problems house problems, problems with work issues.

11. He is fun loving and likes to do new things.

12. He will watch movies with you that he probably doesn’t like.

13. He will stop by and watch Bachelor with Shar and I and he joins me in criticism at the expense of Shar’s wrath upon both of us.

14. He loves his parents and his siblings.

15. He honors his church callings.

16. He will apologize and admit if he thinks he is wrong

17.He is Funny

18. He teases Todd.

19. He is a GOOD guy.

20. He loves to play Board Games and he is competitive as hell.
21. He loves to read National Geographic and Smithsonian. I only know 2 people like that.

22. He LOVES my Daughter

23. He is GOOD .. Good hearted Good tempered, Good spirited

24. He is working on improving his life every day. I am proud of him
and he is my son in law. If I were his parents I would want to hug myself for raising him :)

25. He will eat any food I make without EVER saying anything about it. This is a gift as every meal for 30 years I have had a comment on something about it every meal!

26. He likes to wear crummy shirts that Shar can’t stand. I feel this is common ground for us.

27. He is kind to me and my family
and very kind to Sharlee. He prays with her, he is raising a puppy with her, building a life with her.

28. Our whole extended family like him, Grandparents Uncles, Aunts like Shar stated “Everyone Likes Zach”. there are many reasons for that . it is a good gift to be a person like that.

29. I love him and wish him a happy birthday and the BEST YEAR ever.

P.S. We had a FABULOUS weekend!

P.P.S. Isn’t Mal the cutest!?!?
Seriously. We love him so freaking much. He is ADORABLE!